Agile provides a comprehensive offering of integrated solutions and materials to several of the nation’s largest gas utility and infrastructure construction providers.

Distribution Materials

  • Gas meters
  • Smart technologies, including meter transmission units
  • Pipe & pipeline – polyethylene, steel tubing and high-density polyethylene
  • Valves – brass, steel, stainless, polyethylene
  • Fittings – polyethylene, steel, transition, mechanical, malleable
  • Construction materials
  • Safety & Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • Fire retardant (FR) clothing
  • Maintenance, Repair & Operations Materials (MRO: Includes chemicals, lubricants, signage, paints, fasteners, batteries, hand towels, office supplies, janitorial products, and more
  • Hand tools
  • Power tools
  • Meter manifolds
  • Barricades
  • Gaskets
  • Filters

Transmission Materials

  • Valves
  • Fittings
  • Flanges
  • Pipeline integrity equipment
  • Gaskets

Calibrated Equipment

  • Engineered equipment
  • Leak detectors
  • Analyzers
  • Gas scopes
  • Fusion kits
  • Monitoring devices
  • Advanced meters

Agile manages a variety of cradle to grave coated gas fitting programs for our gas utility customers. We have developed a proprietary coating, racking, quality control, and inspection process that significantly improves the quality and reliability of our products.

Internal Threads

  • Elbows
  • Tees
  • Caps
  • Unions
  • Couplings

External Threads

  • Street Elbows
  • Street Tees
  • Hex Head reducing bushings
  • Square head solid plug
  • Square head cored plug


  • Pipe nipples
  • Swage nipples
  • Meter nuts
  • Square head solid plug
  • Insulated swivels

Advanced Metering

Agile has extensive advanced metering experience, including the deployment of the largest advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) projects in the United States. Our advanced metering product expertise includes:

  • Procurement
  • Kitting and Assembly
  • Inventory Management
  • Warehousing
  • Logistics and Delivery

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