Inventory Management

Maximizing Project Completion Rate with Effective Inventory Management and Logistics

Inventory management is a crucial aspect of any project, as it ensures that the right materials are available at the right time and place. Effective inventory management and logistics can help maximize crew productivity and meet project schedules.

Agile specializes in efficiently managing the ordering, stocking, and delivery of materials to prevent any interruptions in service, repair, or maintenance activities due to out-of-stocks. We leverage technology and industry best practices to improve safety, quality, and efficiencies across operational footprints.

Agile’s inventory management capabilities include sourcing and procurement, yard and warehouse management, material enhancement and packaging, QA/QC operations, logistics services, and supplier relationship management. These capabilities aim to reduce costs, simplify processes, improve safety and efficiency, streamline installation, increase jobsite safety, and enhance crew efficiency.

By utilizing Agile’s advanced inventory management and logistics capabilities, businesses can improve their project completion rate by ensuring that they have the necessary materials and resources at their disposal.


Sourcing and Procurement

Reduce costs and simplify sourcing and procurement by streamlining processes, whether through Agile's center of excellence or our distributed procurement professionals. → Learn More

Yard & Material Management

Our team is skilled in using technology and industry standards to improve safety, quality, and efficiency in your operations. We can manage warehouses, laydown yards, and remote job sites. Whether you need advanced equipment or project materials, our innovative solutions guarantee timely delivery and fulfillment. → Learn More

Material Enhancement & Packaging

Reduce time, effort, and costs by enhancing and packaging products to streamline installation, increase jobsite safety, and improve crew efficiency. Services include coating gas fittings, kitting project-related materials, and managing consolidated shipments across a variety of origin points.

QA/QC Operations

Our tailored QA/QC programs include best-in-class operational excellence based on safety, quality, inspection, material traceability, and audit controls. Our ISO 9001:2015 and 14001:2015 certifications guarantee high-quality internal controls and processes. These certifications also guarantee that we execute these controls and processes with precision and excellence. As a result, customers can have peace of mind.


We offer a variety of logistics services to guarantee timely delivery of your materials using the best transportation methods.

Supplier Relationship Management

We help you objectively negotiate the best terms and gain greater leverage by rationalizing and managing suppliers across your enterprise. Utilizing Agile’s advanced KPI applications and contract risk mitigation strategies allows for continuous performance improvement. → Learn More

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