Invoice Management

Streamlined End-to-End Invoice Management

Rescue your accounts payable (AP) department from a sea of paper using Agile’s efficient, accurate, and timely invoice management solution. Our invoice management program automates and streamlines the entire payables process to shorten cycles, improve compliance, and increase revenue recognition.

With invoice consolidation, you reduce the number of invoices and payments, thereby significantly decreasing transactions and saving you time. Your AP department will no longer be required to intervene in paying and billing matching invoices or applying costs across numerous expense accounts. Invoice review is necessary only for exceptions, allowing your AP team to concentrate on strategic initiatives.

Improve Invoice Accuracy

Agile's system checks invoices using 3-way matching to make sure they match the agreed prices, orders, and receipts.

Manage Spend

Controlling and managing spend helps reduce overspending and your cost-per-invoice. Agile’s invoice automation identifies non-contract spend from internal users and suppliers.

Gain Spend Visibility

We provide valuable insights to spend data and trend analytics to improve compliance and reduce financial risk.

Improve Contract Terms

Managing multiple supplier contracts across your organization is time-consuming. Our national supplier benchmarking database allows you to leverage spend, negotiate better contract terms, and reduce pricing.

Leverage Our Accounting Professionals

Our experienced accountants can handle your invoice processing, freeing up your AP team to focus on strategic tasks.

Invoice Consolidation

Save time and improve accuracy by reduce the number of invoice transactions with Agile’s invoice consolidation feature.

Touchless Invoice Management

Electronic invoice processing automatically pays and bills matched invoices to the right expense accounts, reducing your cost-per-invoice.

Improve Working Capital

Maximize early payment discounts and stretch payable days to conserve cash with Agile’s payment platform.

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