Supplier Diversity

Agile’s Diversity Partnerships Maximize Diversity and Inclusion in Business

Agile was founded in 2006 as a woman-owned business enterprise, and remains uniquely qualified to promote, mentor, and develop other diverse suppliers and small business entities. Throughout our company history, Agile has proudly built and maintained strong and mutually beneficial relationships with capable, value-driven small and diverse enterprise partners.

Today, we continue to identify and engage with capable diverse partners to broaden our inclusion solutions portfolio and add value in multiple disciplines and areas of expertise. These strategic relationships expand opportunities for our small and diverse suppliers while having the mentoring and continued support of a proven prime partner. Our diversity program strategically prioritizes, manages, and contributes to customer inclusion initiatives by brokering partnerships with our diverse partners who represent DBEs and small businesses within our communities.

Diversity Partnership Program Goals & Results

Building Lasting Relationships:

Mentorship & Ongoing Support:

Business Growth:

By implementing Agile’s Diversity Partnership Program, Agile has doubled down on our commitment to supporting diversity and inclusion in business. We aim to foster relationships, provide mentorship and support, and drive business growth opportunities for minority and small businesses. Through our strategic partnerships and initiatives, we strive to create a more inclusive and equal business environment within the utility and energy industries.

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