Materials & Supply Chain Solutions

Unlock the Full Potential of Your Supply Chain for Your Utility Programs

Materials & Supply Chain Solutions offered by Agile Sourcing Partners are specifically designed to enhance the efficiencies for utility, infrastructure engineering, and construction operations. Our supply chain professionals have decades of experience and a collective knowledge of subject matter experts and consultants. We apply technology and industry expertise to develop practical solutions applicable to a broad spectrum of supply chain needs.

Agile’s supply chain solutions cover various areas such as yard & warehouse management, assembly, packaging & kitting, sourcing & procurement, inventory management, quality control and testing, supplier relationship management (SRM), and performance management.

By utilizing Agile’s solutions, you can benefit from supply chain professionals with utility industry experience, online visibility to inventory and orders regardless of geographical location, reduced human error and paperwork through seamless integration and process automation, increased working capital through better procurement planning and reduced inventory, transparency of supply chain processes and data, and scalability to respond to project schedules and capital work peaks.

Overall, Agile’s Materials & Supply Chain Solutions aim to unlock the full potential of your supply chain, reduce costs, streamline operations, and improve the safety, efficiency, and productivity of your teams and crews.

Materials & Supply Chain Solutions

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